Company Profile

Our company was founded back in 2007, 22 July by a team of highly qualified Turkish engineers who majored in outdoor and indoor engineering services. Therefore, presently our major priorities in constructional development widely range through ventilation, air-conditioning, heating (HVAC systems),water supply & sewerage systems, gas supply, electric power supply, fire fighting, to a number of other indoor systems of industrial buildings and facilities (such as factories, plants, workshops, warehouses, etc.) alongside civic buildings (residential and community housing, shopping malls, sports facilities, etc.).

Furthermore, through the agency of our partners our enterprise seeks to develop in areas such as project designing, construction of buildings and facilities, road construction, as well as landscaping and land improvement.

Our main priorities and primary goals pursued are occupational safety, outstanding work quality and meeting the scheduled time while carrying out the work, which is clearly affirmed by available Certificates and testimonials on the part of our Customers.

In order to accomplish the set objectives we managed to form a remarkably skilled team that is provided with all the conditions required for successful fulfillment of duties.

    Ourspecialist group carried out works to order of such Clients as _____ at _____ projects. At some of the above said project sites the cost-effective solutions worked out by our specialists and adopted by the Clients ultimately led to cuts in construction costs while meeting the demanding requirements of the projects.

Each worker of our company is largely focused on performing tasks allocated by Client with the mutually advantageous outcome, such that would maintain favourable and lasting impressions about produced works for years of cooperation to come.

 Personnel policy

  The team formed of truly professional people provided with all the conditions required for successful fulfillment of their duties is disposed to successfully complete any challenging tasks of any scale.

    The foreign workers involved in the work are provided with labour permits and other permissions as per requirements of the Russian Federation, as well as needed accommodation and means of work travel, which in turn contributes to high quality work performance and helps to preclude causes for work disruption or missed deadlines due to problems with local authorities.

Additionally our employees constantly attend professional training courses and generally gain invaluable experience through implementing specific and varied projects.


The key area of our activity in the field of occupational safety in construction process is giving priority to preservation of employees’ life and health, observation of safe conditions in construction process, and environmental protection. 

Foraccomplishingthesegoalsweundertakeactivitiestoensurelabourprotection,themain areas of which are the following;

Forensuringobservationoflabourprotectionrequirements andexecutionofcontrolovertheirfulfillmentouremployeesareguidedby;

1.     STP 66.01-99 SSBT“Arrangement ofwork on labour protection”.

2.     SP 12-132-99 “Work safety in construction.Standard models ofwork safety bodiesfor enterprises engaged in construction, construction materials industry, housing & communal services”.

3.     SNiP12-03-2001 “Work safety in construction. Part 1. General requirements.”

    Moreover, our employees abide by Client’s standards in labour protection, ensuringof safeworkconditions, environmental protection, firesafetyregulations, aswellasrulesforstayonClient’s territory.

Licenses and Certificates