OurcompanyincooperationwithourpartnersispreparedtofulfillordersthroughouttheregionoftheRussianFederationand in near abroad.


The following are the workandservicesrendered by our company;

        Hydrophobic insulation of building structures

        Heat insulation of buildings, building structures and equipment

        Fire treatment of building structures and equipment


        Installation and dismantlement of gas supply system

        Water pipeline installation

        Installation and dismantlement of water and sewerage systems

        Installation and dismantlement ofisolation valves and water pipeline equipment

        Installation of water pipeline manholes, manhole covers,water discharge absorbers

        Flushing of pipelines and follow-up testing

        Force and free-flow sewer pipeline installation

        Installation and dismantlement of isolation valves and sewer pipeline equipment

        Installation of sewage wells and catch pits

        Installation of filter bedding for sludge banks and filtration fields

        Installation of water drain pipes on sludge bank

        Flushing of sewer pipelines and follow-up testing

        Installation and dismantlement of heating system

        Installation and dismantlement of heating pipelines with unrestricted heat medium temperature

        Installation and dismantlement of isolation valves and heating pipeline equipment

        Installation of manholes and chambers in heat supply networks

        Flushing of heating pipelines and follow-up testing

        Installation and dismantlement of equipment for heat power plants and boiler plants

        Installation of water intake equipment.Sewer and treatment plants

        Installation and dismantlement of ventilation and air-conditioning systems

        Installation of compressor plants, pumps and fans

        Installation of electric power supply system

        Installation of electric units, equipment, automation and alarm systems

        Installation of electric and other BMS controls networks

        Installation of communication structureís equipment

        Balancing and start-up works of;

automatic machining lines, compressor plants,steam boilers,water purification equipment and water chemical treatment facilities,processing plantsof fuel handling equipment,gas-air flow ducts,boiler plantís general systems and engineering utilities, equipment for woodworking and wood finishing,drier plants, water supply and sewerage plants, automation for electric power supply, automation systems, alarm system and interconnected units;combined balancing of systems, cooling plants,heat supplied hot water boilers,auxiliary equipment of boiler plants,aswellasstart-upatoil-and-gascomplexfacilitiesandbalancingofventilationandair-conditioning systems.

        Fulfillment of on-site supervision of works in progress in the field of water supply and wastewater disposal systems, heating and ventilation systems, fire safety and electric power supply systems.


Workscarried out by our company incooperationwith our partners;

-Project designing, erectionandfit-out of industrial and civil buildings and facilities.

- Land improvement, siteasphaltingandconstruction of motor roads.